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Hi, I am Ricky an artist doing (rapper)hip hop songs

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feel great music poetry

  • Great mind
    “We’re determine by our greatness,not whatsoever but greatness.”
  • Work I say!
    Have no time to waste, Working days, am on another work I say note for the day. Is too messy but though Have to do it the hard
  • Butterfly
    Unique specie’s flying around, Where are you going, Without others? Ohh!!! what a beautiful insect Later to be found, elsewhere North, West, East and South.
  • Post
    There is everything in something do the thing
  • Where are they
    I am alone and disturbed, overwhelm not knowing where to start nor finish, I used to remember the time we spend, having fun like it was the last day. Evening comes and it starts to get colder, watching the sun set, sooner sky is all filled with stars and the light from the moon.